Tournament Manager

Handles everything from registration with balanced seating, to the clock, prize calculations, and payouts.


  • Runs tournaments for “All” casino games
  • Network ready so you can run multiple tournaments concurrently
  • Run special events with fixed fees to the casino
  • Assigns true balanced random table and seat numbering sequentially or custom
  • Registering a player is a breeze. Type the name, swipe a driver’s license or player’s card
  • Register a player as an “Alternate”, as “Bust/Resell” or for future event
  • Issue all kinds of vouchers and track them
  • Handles multiple “Hold” seats which you can release at any time
  • Controls and tracks bounties, re-buys, add-ons, bonus chips, and points for Best Overall Player
  • While the tournament is running, you can add tables or seats
  • Setting up a tournament series is very easy, thanks to our special “Copy” command
  • You can “Move” or “Swap” players from one table to another
  • Tracks and controls “Void” tickets, “Banned Players”, and ticket “Reprints”
  • Templates for payouts are provided and can be edited and customized
  • You can change the clock colors and display unlimited advertisements
  • Use the remote control to pause/play, add or subtract minutes, levels, or bust and un-bust
  • Tracks the accounting of each player’s prize winnings (essential for auditing)
  • Numerous pre-defined detailed accounting reports are included
  • Prints detailed winner receipts including ID and W9 forms
  • Supports Excel-compatible imports and exports
  • Automatically calculates all tournament revenue and generates comprehensive reports

This powerful application is comprehensive, flexible, and extremely user friendly!

Define, display and track the accounting for virtually any promotion you can think of!


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